Install ︎ Installation & Performance

Poetry, 2017
The Royal Bison, Edmonton, AB
Between November 24–26, 2017, I spent a total of seventeen hours inside a giant black box with no indications other than a glowing coin slot and the word "Poetry" painted elegantly in white.
Secluded from the world outside, I created 145 hand-typed poems on my Smith-Corona typewriter, each original piece anonymously passed on to outsiders through a small slit in the front wall.
This project was created as an art installation during the weekend of The Royal Bison Art & Craft Fair, and was an experiment to push myself further in my writing and creative practice. 
Stripped of my identity, the act of writing became a freeing experience, and within the walls I found myself in the act of a reverse confessional booth. 
As no dollar value was indicated, the piece also challenged art as commodity, and the value of an artist's time, and name, when buying art anonymously. 
Select poems have been printed in a handmade book available for purchase on my online shop.

Cultivate, 2014
The Drawing Room, Edmonton, AB
Cultivate explores the relationship between nature and geometry and the finding of sacred shapes and patterns within nature.
The original illustrations were drawn from real specimens at the University of Alberta entomology collection and pierced with pins. The geometric patterns were then woven with thread between the pins to showcase various shapes and patterns.